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Marcel Alvarez

My strength and conditioning journey started back in 2008 at The United States Military Academy at West Point where I played hockey. I dove deeper into CrossFit in 2012 at the start of my U.S. Army career and have been hooked ever since. For me, CrossFit has filled that gap that I loved so much about playing collegiate hockey at West Point and being an Army Officer. That gap is camaraderie developed amongst people doing hard things

The best part about CrossFit is you are not alone, and all the movements are adaptable so anyone can partake in the crucible. I tell people all the time, especially about Calibrated CrossFit, that you just need to show up and bring maximum effort. Arjuna and staff provide everything else. I was strong when I started CrossFit, but couldn’t do a ring muscle up! With focus, time, and reps, I’ve mastered the skill. 

Outside the gym, I spend time with my wife and three children. You can also find me at a hockey rink or on a mountain skiing or hiking. 

Favorite workout: Murph
Go-to gear: I can’t go a week without my green band — I love to stretch!