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About Calibrated CrossFit

Calibrated CrossFit is on a mission to help you become the fittest version of you!

We are real people who like to work hard.

Our community believes in each other even when we don’t believe in ourselves. We like to have fun and encourage one another to do our best.

Our age, fitness level, abilities, and goals are all unique and we believe that is part of what makes us special. Everyone is welcomed and included. We believe that everyone deserves to be happy.

Happiness is taking control of our health. Our health is shaped by mastering the basics, focusing on mechanics, building strength, improving stamina, increasing mobility and learning how to properly fuel our body through nutrition. We believe it is important to be open minded and strive to learn something new every day.

What Our members are saying...

Chad Garrett
Chad Garrett
The team at Calibrated are great. The coaches are helpful and it has a great atmosphere. The class times are very accommodating and you should be able to find a time that works for you. The on-boarding done by Arjuna is very good!
Ashley Fehrenbach
Ashley Fehrenbach
Thank you Calibrated for having a staff of excellent coaches! I think I’ve done just about every class time given my chaotic work schedule & all of them are so welcoming & helpful! I pulled my back golfing before my workout last night and was fully expecting to only stretch and skip out early. I told David about my injury and was surprised I was able to complete the full workout pain free by going a tad lighter/scaling and swapping out the kettlebell swings for hip thrusts. He also recommended some other stretches that made a huge difference. My back felt so much better after that workout and I’m glad I didn’t skip out. I’ve tried many gyms throughout the years and Calibrated is one where I know I can come in and get a great workout regardless of my skills, injuries I might be facing etc. so I have sooooooo much appreciation for Calibrated & all of the coaches there. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Jason Frelich
Jason Frelich
Very friendly staff and members. Just dropped in for a class from out of town.
Donald Langhorne
Donald Langhorne
great gym. everyone was very welcoming!
Jeff Whittaker
Jeff Whittaker
Great gym

About Calibrated CrossFit

A supportive community of exercisers established in 2012.

We serve CrossFit athletes in Great Cincinnati, Mt Lookout, Hyde Park, Oakley, Walnut Hills, North Side, Anderson, the entire Eastside, and Loveland. Wherever you live, elite fitness is just around the corner.

You are about to begin a journey that will get you into the best shape of your life. Whether you are 23 or 63, Calibrated CrossFit can help you achieve your goals.

Olivia Garrigus


I started CrossFit in early 2016 while attending the University of Cincinnati. My biggest takeaway from CrossFit is it has provided me with more than “hour a day” to workout. It has given me many friendships, competition within myself, and…

Charlie Seibert

I started Crossfit in 2016 after becoming tired of the same workout routine I’d been doing for years. So I signed up at Calibrated. I immediately loved the challenging workouts, the amazing atmosphere, and the community CrossFit provides. The thing…

Marcel Alvarez

My strength and conditioning journey started back in 2008 at The United States Military Academy at West Point where I played hockey. I dove deeper into CrossFit in 2012 at the start of my U.S. Army career and have been…

Sarah Gardocki

I love to be moving, and over the years I’ve tried just about everything from modern dance to boxing. By the time I made my way into CrossFit in 2019, I was up for anything.  I came to coaching and…

Brad Fuller


I started CrossFit in 2017 as I was finishing physical therapy school, and have been at Calibrated since the summer of 2018, started coaching in 2021. For me, CrossFit has been a perfect outlet for competition, athleticism, and routine. Most…

Jeff Davis


I started CrossFit in June of 2006 at a now defunct box called Gravity Janes in Issaquah, WA (a suburb of Seattle). I was immediately drawn to the concept: constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. It is a…

Erin Kratzer

I started crossfit in 2013 as a way to stay fit and also curb my competitive nature. It gave me just that! Coaching allows me to give my knowledge back to the members and use my voice to help others…

Christian Clark

I found CrossFit in the early years of my military experience, and right away I knew this was an area of exercise I wanted to excel in. I found that CrossFit promotes more than just physical appearance (or stronger muscles)…

Joel Swift

I started CrossFit in 2014 at a gym in Indianapolis, joined Calibrated in 2018 and started coaching in 2021. I enjoy building relationships with members and love watching them push through obstacles to hit their goals. A big step in…

Dion Mancenido

I first started doing CrossFit on my own in 2018, and then finally joined Calibrated CrossFit as a member in 2019. My fitness routine prior to CrossFit had been primarily running — hopping in local 5K races to training for…

Amanda Palmer

On my birthday in 2014, I showed up for my first on-ramp class. I had never sat on a rower before, couldn’t do a pull-up, and had never touched an Olympic barbell. But I instantly fell in love with it…

Terra Burke

Terra Burke

I started CrossFit over 8 years ago because I needed something to keep me healthy so I could keep up with this crazy family of mine. Yes, I knew CrossFit was going to tick that box, but I had no…

Zach Meagher

I first discovered CrossFit in 2012 after graduating college and ending a long football career. I was looking for a way to stay in shape that kept me interested and challenged me the way sports always had. CrossFit was a…



Calibrated Guard Dog AKC Level 3 Bone Crusher AKC Level (Expert) Stuffed Animal Destroyer Extraordinaire First Team All-American shoe thief.

Dr. David Marcon

I started CrossFit in 2016 with my daughter.  I was curious about CrossFit and her interest pushed me to schedule an On-Ramp at Calibrated.  In retrospect, my training had lost focus and I wasn’t as excited to workout like I…

Arjuna Smith

Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity – the definition of CrossFit. I first heard those words in my late twenties when I was introduced to CrossFit. I can say from personal experience that the CrossFit method works! It…

Dr. Brittany Smith

I found CrossFit in the late summer of 2010, after retiring from 18 years of gymnastics.  CrossFit was a natural fit for me, but I was surprised that it helped me get in even better shape than I ever was…