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Group CrossFit Classes

With the group membership, you receive unlimited access to any of our group classes. They are ran Monday through Friday in the morning/midday/evening, and Saturday mornings. You must complete an On-Ramp option before starting. See our “Group Class Schedule” for listed class times, and members are strongly advised to sign up for the classes they wish to attend (at least 24hrs in advance). Additionally, we offer 2 types (competition and performance) of programs that you can follow during our Group CrossFit Classes.

Class Descriptions


Our Performance program is designed for achieving overall fitness and continuous development of proper technique. Every day presents a new challenge and the opportunity for learning. These classes offer a constant variety, while cycling through certain categories of movements each week. This allows members to progressively develop sets of skills, get stronger quickly, and measure their progress. The workouts are also easily scalable to adjust the relative intensity to any fitness level. This program is suitable for anyone just looking to be fit, or for people who want a little competitive challenge.

We encourage all Performance athletes to record their workout times/scores and track their progress on our “WOD” page.

Competition (posted in gym only)

Our Competition program is designed for those looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit. The workouts will further increase aerobic capacity, while regularly focusing on strength training and gymnastics movements. It is not uncommon for the Competition group to perform 2 workouts in a day at least once a week. This program is great for highly competitive individuals. However, the workouts are scalable and also suitable for anyone who just wants a little more than the Performance program.

We encourage all Competition athletes to record their workout times/scores and track their progress on our “WOD” page.