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Calibrated CrossFit – Serving Cincinnati’s Eastside

Calibrated Training Systems (CTS) was born out of passion for athletics, love for an active lifestyle, and a desire to help people.  We are a hardcore warehouse style training facility in Mason, Ohio dedicated to the success of our clients.

CTS bases its process around understanding the client’s training purpose, lifestyle, and current physical capabilities.

After a thorough assessment of the client, a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise is used to prescribe a tailored program which is then monitored, adapted, and further tailored to fit the client’s exact training needs to ensure there goals are met.

At Calibrated Training Systems, we view intensity as the key component of any program.  We do not believe in short cuts. We demand commitment. We believe that the way you eat & train determines how you live.  For us, feeding the body the proper balance of foods, matched with a disciplined lifestyle both in & out of our facility is critical for optimal performance.

We help our clients pursue elite fitness by developing them to their maximal genetic potential. We strive to challenge our clients to improve their quality of life and enhance their fitness levels through the pursuit of elite strength & conditioning.
We offer individual and group training in the following areas of disipline; Olympic Lifting, Sport Specific Training for Collegiate & Olympic Sports, CrossFit, Tactical, Combative, Powerlifting, Strongman, Fitness/Figure, & Bodybuilding programs.