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Wrestling Club

Calibrated training systems will be a USA wrestling club charted affiliate for 2012. The wrestling club is coached under USA wrestling coach Steven Holt. Our wrestling club takes pride in being able to offer a wrestling system that is comprised of all areas of grappling to offer the athlete the best grappling experience possible.

We offer complete grappling training that is built from taking aspects of folkstyle,freestyle,greco-roman, ju-jitsu,judo, & sambo grappling disciplines, but allows the wrestler to execute all moves within American folk style or international freestyle rules. Weather you are just a beginner wanting to learn more about the sport, or a seasoned vet looking to built upon your current ability we are your one stop wrestling shop. We have 600sq. ft of ZEBRA grappling mats, & look forward to seeing you on the mat soon.

Be sure to stay tuned to our calendar of events for future, seminars & camps offered at our facility throughout the year as well as to check up on how our wrestlers our doing throughout the season.