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10/8/14 Wednesday


A. Build to a heavy Push Jerk in 5 attempts

*Warm up with the bar as much as you want but once you throw weight on the bar that counts as 1 attempt.


B. Build to a heavy Split Jerk in 5 attempts

*Same scheme as above


C. EMOM for 15min (5 sets each);

Min 1 – 7 Push Jerks at 60% of best lift from any of the Jerks in A or B above.

Min 2 – :45sec hollow rock hold

Min 3 – 5 unbroken MU – complete as many strict as possible, then finish off the set of 5 by kipping.

*Goal for Min 1 and 3 is cycling these weights efficiently with perfect mechanics. Cycling with poor mechanics will not only put you in jeopardy of getting injured but it will also not allow you to improve as an athlete.


D. Three sets each, not for time, of:

Front-Rack Mobilization x 60-90 seconds



Wod will be posted at gym