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1/28/14 Tuesday

REGISTER for the 2014 Reebok CrossFit OPEN!

Sign up ASAP and select Calibrated CrossFit as your home Affiliate!

 These workouts will be done at Calibrated every Saturday b/w 10am and 1pm.

The WODS will be no different from any other training day except everyone will have a judge and a Heat they are assigned to. Immediately following the OPEN we will have a cookout to celebrate everyon’s hard work!  Despite your ranking this will be a great way to help our Calibrated Community grow while setting some awesome goals for your future in CrossFit!

If you choose not to sign up there will still be a 9am class every Saturday to get your workout in.


A. Complete 4 sets of the following;

20 Push-Ups, rest 60 seconds

20 Wall Balls, rest 60 seconds

20 DB/KB Walking Lunges, rest 60 seconds

*Progression – Ring Push-Ups

*Regression – raise hands with barbell on a rack

* Go as heavy as possible on walking lunges. Same weights every set!


For time:

30 Pull-Ups

100 high knee Single Unders

20 Pull-Ups

100 High Knee Single Unders

10 Pull-Ups



Wod will be posted at gym