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2/25 Monday


In teams of four, with only one partner working at any one time, complete the following for time:

100 Handstand Push-Ups

200 Pull-Ups

300 Wall Balls

400 Kettlebell Swings


*You may partition the repetitions amongst your team members as you like, but you must complete the workout in order – i.e., complete all HSPU before moving to Pull-Ups.

*If a member or members of your team are unable to perform certain movements, your coach will provide a substitution with a number of reps attached to it – for example, if substituting push-ups for HSPU, you might have to do 2 push-ups for every 1 HSPU, or you might be able to perform a wall climb that would count as 2 HSPUs. Talk to your coach and they will give you a modification that is appropriate for your ability level.