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6/14/14 Saturday


In teams of two, move through five stations each trying to score as many reps as possible:

:60sec of Wall Balls

:60sec of Rest

:60sec of Push-Ups
 – *See standard below

:60sec of Rest

:60sec of Box Jumps
 – Step Down

:60sec of Rest

:60sec of Push Press (75/55 lbs)

:60sec of Rest

:60sec of Anchored Sit-Ups

:60sec of Rest

*Push-Up Standard – thighs cannot touch ground at anytime during the push-up. Unless you are scaling it and performing them on knees.

*Push Press Standard – This must be a push Press not a strict press or a jerk.  You need to learn to be efficient…even if that means you have to go slower!

*One partner works for the entire 60 seconds, and then rests while their partner works for 60 seconds. Each partner will cycle through until they complete each station three times.



Wod will be posted at gym