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6/29/15 Monday


A. Every two minutes, for 20 minutes (5 sets of each):

Interval 1 – 4-6 Deadlifts

Interval 2 – 8-10 BB Bench Press

*If you hit the high rep range build in weight. If you do not then stick with that weight the remaining sets.


B. Every 90sec for 24min (4sets):

Min 1: 15 Cal Row

Min 2: 15 GHDSU

Min 3: 3 Rope Climbs

Min 4: 15 Cal on Airdyne

Min 5: :20sec L-sit hold (accumulated)

*Be aware of total volume and how long each will take. You must have at least 30sec rest to transition. Scale as you see fit but stick to the number you scale too!



Wod will be posted at gym