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7/31/13 Wednesday


*Spend 10 minutes in your warm-up practicing kipping pull-ups and Double Unders.

*If you can not perform pull-ups then you will still practice your kip

In eight sets or less, build to a heavy Clean 
(Full cleans are preferred, but you may power clean.)

Three sets for max reps of:

60 seconds of Ground to Overhead
 (Use 70-75% of your heaviest clean from part A.)

Rest 3 minutes

*Find a fast but EFFICIENT way to cycle these reps. Throwing the weight up and down like a crazy lunatic with no regard towards mechanics will not get you better in the long run.

*Use the majority of your rest period to cheer on your training partners. Stagger your work and rest periods so that you have partners pushing you, and so that you can support them too.



Wod will be posted at gym