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7/8/14 Tuesday


EMOM, for 12 minutes:

Min 1 – 4-10 strict HSPU

Min 2 – 30 sec L-Seated Dead Hang

Min 3 – Unbroken Double-Unders x 30-40 reps


*If you do not have strict HSPU’s perform 3 negatives @ 4-6sec descents

*If you can not handle the negatives at prescribed tempo then you will do L-Seated DB Press @ 3X11 x 6 reps (heavy)

*if you cannot do 30-40 unbroken Du’s pick a number that you can do unbroken and build on that each week


For time:

4rnds of,

10 Turkish get-ups (5/arm)

Run 400 meters



Wod will be posted at gym