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9/2/13 Monday

A1. Bench Press; 4-6 reps x 5 sets, 
Rest 30 seconds

A2. 60 seconds of Double Unders x 5 sets
(use this as skill practice if you are not proficient with double-unders), 
Rest 3min


“300 FY”

Why is it called “300 FY”? First, FY means fuck you. And it’s named so because there are a bunch of videos on YouTube showing so called “Spartan training” or “a variation on the 300 Spartan workout”. Some were funny (the one using Thera-Bands made me spit coffee on the keyboard). Another made me wonder if its protagonist preferred what he was doing to working out. But most of the videos made me genuinely sad because they show the margin by which most people have missed the point – and I honestly wish they hadn’t. “300 FY” is simple, and there’s no way to cheat it or modify it. Some AirDynes may be more efficient than others but not too different. How do you do the workout? Saddle up, set the countdown timer for ten minutes, come out of the gate hard, and hold on. If you finish with 300 or more you have done the workout. If you finish with 299 calories you have not done it. No scaling, no changes. It cannot be dragged down to a more easily attainable level. Do what is written: just like the original “300” workout, which was composed as a one-time test, and taken without rehearsal or practice. Gym Jones