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COVID-19 Update

Calibrated Family Members,

As we are all making adjustments to life with corona virus, I wanted to make sure you know of all the new things we are doing to make your home workouts a success and that we have more to announce.

Before I get into the details, I want to express my thanks for all the members that are continuing with your commitment to fitness with us.  These are tough times for small businesses and I am committed to constantly changing so that this membership works for you, wherever you are.  You are my #CalibratedFamily always!

All Zoom Info is posted on Sugar Wod App and Facebook.

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-Todays (Monday March 23rd)

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600am M-F (meeting ID: 984-518-613)

930am M-F (meeting ID: 292-911-706)

1200pm M-F (meeting ID: 527-382-979)

530pm M-Th(meeting ID: 455-466-069)

430pm Friday only (meeting ID: 482-410-275)

830am Saturday only (Meeting ID: 544-740-251)

*Class will open up 10 minutes before and run 10 minutes after. Use this time to connect with each other!



I’ve been collecting feedback that folks really enjoy the zoom workouts and the creativity that working from home brings.

I have created all workouts so they can be done from home or in garage gyms. Very minimal equipment is required. Even though a minimal amount of equipment is required some do not have anything at all. I want to personally reach out to you to make sure that you have at least a pair of DB’s, KB’s, Barbell, weight plates, something. You don’t need all of those things just 1 maybe 2. We have a lot of members and I am reaching out to everyone…. so the equipment I do have has to be spread pretty wide. If you do not have anything please let me know ASAP. I want to do everything I can to make your home workouts a success and we will do everything we can.  Let’s stay strong together!


Please contact me at (513.309.8458)