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Friday 3/4/16

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We will only be using 1 bar for this workout so it is advised that everyone bring a friend to load their bars accordingly as they are advancing.

16.2 Heat Schedule



Guideline for Saturday

A. AirDyne/Row 3 min easy pace

General warm-up:

-T spine rolling foam roller/double lacrosse ball/gemini

-Hip crossover


-1 arm hang x 30 sec/arm

-Anterior chain opener

-Mini band monster walks, seated internal external rotations

-Calf stretch


B. Barbell warmup: 2 sets


5 muscle cleans

5 front squat with 2 sec pause in bottom

5 strict press

5 squat cleans


C. 3 sets @ Game pace:

6 T2B or scaled standard

20 DU’s or scaled standard

3 Squat cleans or 3 Power Clean + Front Squat

(2 min rest between sets)


*set 1 at 16.2 starting weight,

*set 2 at 2nd weight,

*set 3 at 3rd weight (do not use higher than 70-75% of your 1RM)


1 rep: squat clean at 4th weight (do not exceed 80-85% of your 1RM, perfect form!)



Wod will be posted at gym