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Monday 2/27/17

Two Bad ass Mommies-To-Be! And there is a few more not yet exposed! You are an inspiration to all of us!

17.1 OPEN Announcements

  • Today (Monday) is the last day to make-up 17.1!!
  • Feel free to come in anytime during regular class hours and perform the workout. Anyone can judge you as long as one of our staff members is present.
  • Athletes registered but DID NOT submit score or did not make-up workout (as of Sunday at 8pm)      – Alex C, Anna S, Bonnie O., Brandon H., Brian K., Carly L., Cassie D., Chris R., Chris D., Doug H., Jarelle          M., Jason R., Jeff D., Jessica C., Michael N., Nick S., Rob W., Shane K., Vinny C.

17.2 OPEN Announcements!

  • The Heat & Judging Schedules will be posted Thursday Evening by 11pm on our Calibrated “Members Only” Facebook page and our Website (WOD/BLOG)
  • Any registered athlete not able to attend the upcoming Saturday MUST email by Wednesday evening of each week. If you do not email me by this time, you cannot reschedule.
  • If you cancel after this deadline or no-show you will be assessed a 100c Assault Bike penalty.
  • Heat Times will be from 8:30am – 12:00pm. This will vary each week based off the workout released!
  • I will also need an email from any judges that are unable to judge each week!


  • We are always looking for more judges. You DO NOT have to take any test.
  • Even if you can only judge 1 heat it would help a lot! 3 heats was the max last week and I would prefer only 1-2 heats per judge this week.
  • Signing up to be a judge does NOT mean you have to judge every week. Just the week that is convenient for you!


In teams of 2-4:

Four sets for max reps of:

60 seconds of Rowing (for calories)

-Rest 60 seconds

60 seconds of Sandbag Squats (moderate load)

-Rest 60 seconds

60 seconds of Chest supported DB Row

Rest 60 seconds

60 seconds of Push-Ups (focus on good ROM)

Rest 60 seconds

**If you are still feeling the pain from Saturday then take this at more of a 80% effort. Goal would be good movement and blood flow. Moving and sweating is good when you are sore. Sitting at home being sore does nothing for recovery. Especially fine tune machines as yourselves.