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Saturday 4/2/16


“Last Man/Woman Standing”

*The goal in this workout is to remain working for as long as possible…to be the last man/woman standing.

EMOM, perform the following – once you fail at a certain movement, move immediately to the next station (taking the very next minute to rest/transition):


10/8 Pull-ups (chest to bar for anyone anticipating getting more than 6 rnds)

*Scaled 1: accumulate 20sec in COVP supinated hold

*Scaled 2: 12 Perfect Ring Rows



*Start with 10/8 reps and add 2 reps per minute


12 Wall Balls (20/14 lbs)

*If you make 6 consecutive sets, terminate this portion of the workout and move on.


12/8 Strict Bar Dips (Upright torso)

*Scaled: Bench Dips


Concept 2 Rower

250m for males

225m for females