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Saturday – 7/22/17


In Teams of 2 partition reps however you like with only 1 partner working at a time:
60 Pull-ups w/ Partner in plank
40 T2B w/ partner hanging from pull-up bar
*Partner must complete all Pull-ups before they proceed to T2B
100m heavy MB or Sandbag carry
60 Wall Balls (20/14)
40 MB or Sandbag Ground to over shoulder (same heavy MB or Sand bag used above)
*partners must complete all Wall Balls before they proceed to MB Ground to Over Shoulder
200m Farmers Carry (70lbs/hand for men, 50lbs/hand/women, switch as needed)
60 Sit-ups (holding wall ball) – Partner stands on toes
40 burpees
400m Run (together)