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Saturday 8/6/16

In Teams of 4…
For Time:

Teammate #1 will row for 2 Minutes

While Teammate #1 is rowing, the other 3 teammates are completing the following chipper with one person working at a time breaking up the reps however they choose.

150 Power Cleans (115/75#)
125 Burpee over the Bar
20 Rope Climbs

*When the first 2 Minutes is complete, teammate #2 will take their turn on the rower for 2 minutes. The other 3 teammates continue through the chipper.

This pattern will continue with teammates #3 and #4.

Once teammate #4 completes their 2 minutes of rowing, they will then hop back into the chipper and there will then be all 4 teammates working through the workout with one person working at a time.

SCORE #1 – TOTAL # Calories accumulated between all 4 teammates.

SCORE #2 – Time or number of reps completed within the time cap.