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Thursday – 12/28/17

Quadruped Y Hold (straight midline, tight abs, thumbs up) 15sec hold/side x 4/side alternating reps
Prone T’s from bench x 20 reps (every 5th rep hold for 5sec)
Prone W’s w/ pinky’s towards ceiling x 20 reps (every 5th rep hold for 5sec)
Side lying External Rotations x 30 reps w/ 2.5-5lb plate
30 standing calf raises
Pec Minor lacrosse ball smash
30sec jump rope singles
60sec pull-up or muscle up warm-up

A. Alternating On the Minute x 10min
Station 1: Max Ring Muscle-ups or Pull-Ups in 40 Seconds
Station 2: 50 Double Unders or 40sec Practice
*Pull-ups should be scaled to the OPEN standard

B. In Teams of two, With P1 rowing 20cals AFAP while P2 rests, Then P2rows 20cals while P1 rests, Then P1 rows 17cals while P2 rest, P2 rows17cals while P1 rest, etc…
Set 1 – 20 men/15 women Calorie Row
Set 2 – 17/13 Calorie Row
Set 3 – 14/11 Calorie Row
x 3 rnds