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Thursday – 3/15/18

2018 Calibrated-End-Of-Open-Party!!!

– March 24th 6pm-10pm @ Calibrated

– Time for the best party of the year!

– Potluck style food & drink. Bring family, friends, kids!

– Let’s unwind and celebrate making it through the Open!

– There will be a sign up sheet on front desk for the Potluck!

2018 OPEN Announcements!

– Anyone that is NOT planning on doing 18.4 this Saturday please email by Wednesday evening of this week.

– And yes, we are still accepting judges :)



Foam Roll before class!
Butt Kicks x 50’
High knee Pillar Skips x 50’
Straight leg pillar Skips x 50’
Straight leg and arm bear crawl x 50’ Forward and Backward
Forearm Smash x 30sec
Forearm stretch x 30 sec each side
Banded Front Rack Stretch x 30-60sec
2 sets:
Russian Step Ups x 6-8/leg
Heavy MB Bear hug Carry x 50’
Quadruped Torso Rotations x 10/side

A. Pause Front Squat
* Build to a Heavy Single in 20min

B. Every 3min for 15min (5sets):
300/250 Meter Row
9 Unbroken Thrusters (95/65) (55lb/35lb)
*Choose a sustainable meter on Row and rep count on Thruster

C. 1 set not for time:
Banded Face pulls x 50 reps
Banded Pull-aparts x 50 reps