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Thursday – 3/22/18

2018 Calibrated-End-Of-Open-Party!!!

– March 24th 6pm-10pm @ Calibrated

– Time for the best party of the year!

– Potluck style food & drink. Bring family, friends, kids!

– Let’s unwind and celebrate making it through the Open!

– There will be a sign up sheet on front desk for the Potluck!

2018 OPEN Announcements!
– Anyone that is NOT planning on doing 18.5 this Saturday please email by 7pm tonight! (Thursday).
– And yes, we are still accepting judges ????


Turkish Get-Ups – 10/arm
3 sets:
5 push-ups
5/side Torso rotations
10 band pull-aparts
Falling start – 30’

A. This workout can be done in teams of two where P1 performs an entire round while P2 rests…then vice versa. Or can be performed by one self, as….

Every 4-5 minutes, for (4 sets):
15/9 Calories of Assault Bike
9 Burpees
15/9 Calories of Assault Bike

*Record fastest and slowest times
*Allow bike monitor to roll while you do burpees, but don’t pedal for longer than the initial 15/9…you’re finished when you hit 30/18 calories.

B1. GHD Hip Extension with Overhead “Y” @2113; 8 reps x 3 sets, rest 60sec
B2. Ab-Wheel Rollouts; 6 reps x 3 sets, rest 60sec
B3. Tall Kneeling Palloff Press; 10 reps x 3 sets, rest 60sec

Banded lying leg curls – 100 reps