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Tuesday 11/29/16

A. Every 90sec for 15min (10 sets)

3 Position Power Snatch

*mid thigh, above knee, floor

*Goal is to build through first 5 sets then stay at 1 heavy load for last 5 sets


B. Every minute on the minute for 20min:

Even Minutes: 18/15cals on Rower

Odd Minutes: 6 HSPU or 3 wall walks

*The goal is to finish the Rower in 45-50sec at a “good” effort. HSPU or wall walks should be finished by at least 40sec

**Create a calorie goal/HSPU/wallwalk rep to hit those time domains throughout the entire workout…not just the first half of workout. For this workout it is better to error on light side then to be to ambitious

***Perform with partner