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Tuesday 12/19/17

Monday (25th) – No Classes
Tuesday (26th) – 9am and 10am classes only!
Wednesday (27th) – Regular classes resume


Quadruped Y Hold (straight midline, tight abs, thumbs up) 15sec hold/side x 4/side alt. reps
Prone T’s from bench x 20 reps (every 5th rep hold for 5sec)
Prone W’s w/ pinky’s towards ceiling x 20 reps (every 5th rep hold for 5sec)
Side lying External Rotations x 30 reps w/ 2.5-5lb plate
2 sets of:
Bench Press Warm-Up

A1. Bench Press; 3-4 reps x 5 sets, rest 30sec
A2. Banded Straight Arm Pull-down; 15 reps x 5 sets, rest 30sec
A3. Side Plank; 45/side x 5 sets, rest 60sec

B. Five sets for max reps (of Dips):
In 60 seconds, complete 15 Burpees and then as many reps as possible of Ring or Bar Dips in remaining time
-Rest 60 seconds between sets

**Masters 40+ 10 burpees

*Score is number of dips