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Monday – 2/5/18

500m Row
2 sets:
Hip Crossover x 5/leg
Iron Cross x 5/leg
Supine Straight leg raise x 5/leg
Single leg lowering x 5/leg
Rollover to v-sit x 5
Quadruped Torso Rotations x 5/side
Downward Dog x 5
Agility drills led by coach

A. In teams of two, for time:
Row 1000 Meters each
*P1 must row entire 1000m before switching
*Every team will set monitors to 2,000m and post exact times when finished.
(Example 7:02.8)
Rest until relatively recovered, and then…
B1. Bulgarian Split Squats; 20/leg x 2 sets, rest 60sec after each leg
*Go as heavy as possible using Kb’s
B2. Single-Arm Dumbbell Row; 15/side x 2 sets, rest 60sec after each arm
Spend 10-12 minutes on lower body mobility drills
…If you have time spend another 10-12 minutes on thoracic mobility drills
*Coach will provide examples