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Tuesday – 5/1/18

Standing Rotational MB throws x 10/side
MB Slams x 10
MB chest pass x 10
X 2

Downward Dog x 5
90/90 Windmill x 10
Reverse Snow angel x 10

A1. Bench Press; 45sec AMRAP x 4 sets, rest 45sec
*Choose a weight that you can get 8-10 unbroken on first set
*You may set bar down and re-rack within 45sec time cap. Just make sure you can get the initial 8-10 unbroken
A2. Strict HSPU’s; 45sec AMRAP x 4 sets, rest 45sec
A3. Strict Pull-Ups; 45sec AMRAP x 4 sets, rest 90sec

B. Four rounds for time:
400m Run
20 KBS (53/35lb)

Optional Work (After class)
A. Hammer curls; 2-3 warm up sets of 6-8/arm
Then…2 Heavy sets of 8 reps of a weight you could maybe do for 10 reps, rest 2min between these sets
B. Preacher curls on GHD; 2 sets of 12-15/arm, 1 arm rests while the other arm is working
C. Barbell curl on GHD; 1 set max rep with max static hold at bottom at end of reps
*Try and use twice the load of what you used above on DB preacher curls
D. Powell Raise on incline; 15/arm x 3 sets, 1 arm rest while other arm works