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Tuesday – 5/24/16

No regular classes on Saturday. There will be Open Gym times from 9am-10:30am

Here is a schedule of Heat times for this weekends Reebok CrossFit Central Regionals May 27th through May 29th. This is a 3 day event! This is most definitely Brittany‘s toughest regional to date and she will need as much support as possible from her Calibrated family!

 Friday (27th)

Event 1: between 12:10pm-1:10pm

Event 2: between 2:25pm-4:05pm


Saturday (28th)

This will be Brittany’s most challenging day and a good test to see how far she has come in these movements!

Event 3&4: 11:55am-1:15pm

Event 5 (death by heavy ass deadlift!): 3pm-4:20pm


Sunday (29th)

Event 6: 12pm-1:20pm

Event 7: 3:05pm-3:45pm

*I hope that we can all come together to cheer on Brittany!


Since it is Regional Week I thought it would be fun to warm-up and compete the same as Brittany will be doing on Day 2 of Regionals this weekend. Have Fun! This is actually cutting her warm-up short so keep in mind the importance of warming up properly before you go all out on something.


Assault Bike/Row

30sec fast

30sec easy pace



Run 100m fast

100m easy pace



Banded Pec Stretch x 45sec/arm

T-Spine Opener

Banded Lat Stretch x 45sec/arm

Single-Arm Hang from Bar x 30 seconds each arm


Two sets of:

Deep Squat Progressions x 5 reps

Psoas Pulse x 45 seconds per side

Banded Walks x 10 reps fwd/back

Banded Walks x 10 reps lateral

Banded Ankle Pulse x 15-20 pulses per side


One set of:

Box Squat w/KB x 10-15 reps


Rest 5 min but stay warm and set up stations


A. Regional event 3&4, version 2:

On a continuous clock,

For time:

104 wall balls (20/14) 10’/9’

52 Pull-ups (scaled option would be jumping pull-ups as in the Open)

*Time cap 8min


When the clock reaches 12min


For time

4 rounds for time

28 walking lunges (bodyweight)

15 Power Cleans (115/75lbs)

*Time cap 10min (22min mark)