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Tuesday 8/16/16


Band-Assisted Upper Anterior Chain Opener x 90sec

Prone Pectoral Stretch x 90sec each arm

Single-Arm Hang from Bar x 30 seconds each arm


10-12 Freestanding Kick-Ups to Handstand with Max Hold

(hold for as long as possible without walking – if your hands move, terminate that set)


Three sets of:

30 seconds of Nose-to-Wall Handstand Hold

Rest 60sec


One set of:

10 Wall Climbs

(start from stomach and walk feet up the wall to nose-to-wall handstand hold and slowly descend back down – focus on keeping positions, not speed)


A1. Strict Supinated-Grip Pull-Ups @21X0; 5 reps x 3 sets, rest 60sec (add weight if possible)

A2. Side Planks; 30sec/side x 3 sets, rest 60sec

A3. Double-Under Practice; 60 seconds x 3 sets, rest 60sec


B. In teams of two, alternate whole rounds for a total of 3rnds each, of:

400/350 Meter Row

10 Burpess

20 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)

*Goal should be to perform all sets under 2:30