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Wednesday 3/16/16

2016 OPEN Announcements!


Any registered athlete not able to attend Saturday must email by the end of the day today! If you do not email me by this time, you cannot reschedule.

I will also need an email from any judges that are unable to judge each week!


A. EMOM, for 15 minutes:

Minute 1 – HSPU x 5 reps or Push press’s (115/95) x 8 reps (bar taken from floor)

Minute 2 – Russian Kettlebell Swings x 12-15 reps

Minute 3 – Strict Pull-Ups x 5-6 reps (add weight if you’re able to make the rep range easily)


B. For time:

10 Muscle-Ups or Pull-Ups (or a mix of both)

15 Deadlifts (205/135lbs)

20 Seated DB Strict Press (45/25lbs)

40 Goblet Squats holding DB (45/25lbs)

20 Seated DB Strict Press (45/25)

15 Deadlifts (205/135 lbs)

10 Muscle-Ups or Pull-ups (or a mix of both)



Wod will be posted at gym