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Wednesday – 3/21/18

18.5 Announcements! 

  • Please contact me no later then this evening (Wednesday) if you do not plan on participating this Saturday. 

2018 Calibrated-End-Of-Open-Party!!!

– This Saturday…March 24th 6pm-10pm @ Calibrated

– Time for the best party of the year!

– Potluck style food & drink. Bring family, friends, kids

– Let’s unwind and celebrate making it through the Open

– There will be a sign up sheet on front desk for the Potluck


Iron Cross x 10
Supine straight leg raise
Supine Single leg lowering
Rollover to V-Sit
3 sets:
Hollow body Roll to Superman x 4/side
Banded Side walks x 15’/side
Reverse Grip BB Row with band around knees x 8
Back squats x 6-8 reps

A. Every 2min, for 18min (3 sets of each):
Station 1 – Back Squat x 10 reps
Station 2 – Reverse Grip BB Row w/ pause at top and bottom x 8-10 rep
Station 3 – Single-Leg Hip Bridge w/ pause at top x 15/leg

B. For time:
30 Russian KBS (Heavy)
30 Walking Lunges with DB in Farmer’s Carry
20 Russian KBS
20 Walking Lunges with DB in Farmer’s Carry
10 Russian KBS
10 Walking Lunges with DB in Farmer’s Carry