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Wednesday – 3/7/18

Coach Palmer deciding 18.1 was a good time to get in some L-Sit holds! Excellent form!

Single unders
30sec on
30sec off
x 5 sets
2 sets:
Lateral Crawls x 15’/side
Theraband Squats @55X1 x 4 reps
Banded Hollow hold pull down x 8-10
Single Leg Glute bridge x 8-10
Strict Knees to Armpit x 8-10

EMOM, for 30min (6 sets of each):
Minute 1 – 10/7 Calories of Assault Bike (or 200/150 Meters of Rowing)
Minute 2 – 20 Wall Balls (20/14 lbs)
Minute 3 – 25 Push-Ups
Minute 4 – 15 Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″) – Step Down
Minute 5 – 30-Second Front Leaning Rest on Rings

*Goal is to pick a set rep/cal that is challenging but sustainable for the duration of the 30min. Some stations will take longer then others. Choose your volume based off experience of movement and what you think you can maintain. This is a 30min EMOM so choosing a rep count that causes you to redline during the first 10min would not be a wise choice.