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Amanda Palmer

On my birthday in 2014, I showed up for my first on-ramp class. I had never sat on a rower before, couldn’t do a pull-up, and had never touched an Olympic barbell. But I instantly fell in love with it all. In 2017, I coached my first class. One of the things I love most about coaching is being involved in the best part of someone’s day. So many of our members use the 60 minutes of training to drown out the static they deal with all day and focus on themselves. 

If you’re considering CrossFit, yeah, it’s for you. You set goals, big and small; you work on strengths and weaknesses usually within the same class, and you can measure your progress in a dozen ways. 

When I’m not coaching, you can find me running my kids to and from sports, hiking at the Nature Center, rehabbing and maintaining our rentals, and probably definitely drinking coffee. 

Favorite movement: wall balls and pistol squats
Go-to gear: my inhaler, and a 90s alternative playlist