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Joel Swift

I started CrossFit in 2014 at a gym in Indianapolis, joined Calibrated in 2018 and started coaching in 2021. I enjoy building relationships with members and love watching them push through obstacles to hit their goals. A big step in my CrossFit journey was learning how to pace during different types of workouts — redlined a few too many times before I figured that out!

For anyone considering CrossFit, I would say it’s literally for ALL people because EVERYTHING is scalable. Don’t be intimidated – no matter what your fitness goals are, we’re all putting in the work to be stronger and healthier. Workouts are less sucky when others are suffering next to you, plus the Calibrated community is amazing! 

Outside of the gym I enjoy golfing and chasing my toddler around the yard, I’m still playing Wordle daily, and someday I’ll get back to brewing my own beer.

Favorite workout: Nancy
Movement I couldn’t do, but comes easily now: double unders